In early 1993 founders, Frank and Manuel “TEE” Vega noticed the need for a mobile fleet service in the greater central California area. With that in their minds they began TEE VEGA ENTERPRISE, and quickly began to establish themselves as a top fleet service. In 2009, after the loss of Manuel “TEE” Vega in 2007, nephew Samuel Vega Jr., decided to carry on the family business. In April 2009 TEE VEGA ENTERPRISE SO. DIV. began its venture in North County San Diego.


As an employee himself, Samuel Vega Jr., understands the value of quality in the work. All employees are highly trained in the fleet cleaning industry and maintain same high standards that TEE VEGA ENTERPRISE was founded on. TEE VEGA ENTERPRISE utilizes top-of-the-line equipment along with bio-degradable cleaning products. This results in the greatest attention to detail in quality for our customers.


TEE VEGA ENTERPRISE was built from the ground up. These humble beginnings carry on through all aspects of our business making our employees, and customers feel like family. Operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week, TEE VEGA ENTRPRISE is a local family owned and operated business with no 1-(800) numbers. Personal numbers are given to provide an effective and friendly service that can assure your fleet and business is in good hands.




Our mission is to provide an environmental friendly, efficient, effective mobile fleet wash service. Our highly trained friendly staff will help ensure that we “GUARANTEE QUALITEE” in all our work. 


Quality Control:


All employees are trained side-by-side with a designated field trainer for several weeks before being inserted into a rotation of crews. Training includes and not limited to: safety requirements, water recovery requirements, water recovery disposal requirements, etc…  Each crew consists of a supervisor who is responsible for the quality of the work. Each crew is designated certain job sites. This ensures the crews familiarity with unique needs of each job site and maximizes the efficiency of the job.


EPA, Wash Water Recovery, and Environmental Compliance:

Tee Vega is EPA approved.  Our water recovery system extracts water from hard confined areas preventing any unlawful discharge.  The vacuum's powerful two stage motor mounted on top of a heavy duty 55-gallon poly tank boasts a full 100 inches of water lift.  A separate discharge


Pump can evacuate the water for recycling at the rate of up to 20 gallons per minute.  After the water is collected, it is transported to our shop in a secure tank.  The water is then processed through our 15 stage wash water filtration system which reduces to less than 5 microns making the water reusable.  Tee Vega is a safe and environmentally friendly company.  We are constantly educating ourselves, our employees and advocating by keeping our business clean and safe for our clients and employees.  We motivate and encourage our employees to follow all county and state regulations at any cost.

Tee Vega Enterprises, Inc. would like to thank you for your time.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. 


Sammy Vega Jr. 

(760) 455-3203

Operations Manager

California State University San Marcos CoBa